My friend that spoke my career into being.

Hi- I'm Donna


I love color! 

I have had a full life already and still there is so much more ahead of me! I raised two amazing daughters that are today my very best friends; they make my life rich.  One has given me 2 grandsons  that bring me great joy!  I’ve been married to my miracle man for 12 years. One day I’ll tell that story, but for now I’ll just say he sacrificed a lot to marry me by moving from Washington’s Puget Sound area to live in the desert. He has 3 loves: Seattle Mariners, putting his boat in the ocean, and me.  All that to say, this empty nest season that is upon me is challenging, but also beautifully flexible and freeing. 

Creativity has been an everyday part of my life as long as I can remember. I believe God gives each of us a creative reflection of Himself in one way or another. I began decorating homes 23 years ago when a friend begged me to sew curtains for her; for some reason she had this vision and belief that it was God’s providence for me to be in homes helping others create beautiful spaces while speaking into their lives. What began with sewing curtains turned into interior decorating and evolved into designing, painting, and furniture building.  

The design/decor projects I have done to date include: offices, churches, entire homes, single rooms, design remixes, and many, many color selections.  Staging homes to sell is another fun thing I do; rearranging your things to be more aesthetically pleasing can make your space feel fresh and more appealing to buyers.  I also offer decor/design consulting: A brief time of me giving you advice and ideas for you to do the work yourself.  This also can include shopping; yep I will go shopping with you!  I have painted murals and decorative accents, recovered furniture, repainted or re-stained furniture and cabinets, made curtains/drapes and roman shades, and helped my husband build and finish custom wood furniture.  

I was a Realtor for 13 years. Understanding buying and selling comes into play often with design/decor projects.  It's important to not over-improve your home if selling is in the future for you. Staging/remixing homes to sell is something I still do that fits into my current design world. 

I also recently completed college at this seasoned age! I have achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and so far one year towards a masters degree.  I have mentored women, led support groups, and had many, many one time encounters with people who needed to talk and hear what I had to say at that moment in time. I believe these to be God encounters, and I strive to please Him and stay in tune with how the Holy Spirit is leading in each conversation. Home projects often turn into counseling opportunities as blockages are revealed and breakthroughs occur naturally through individual and couple's conversations; remodeling/designing a home often brings to the surface underlying emotional issues.  Confidentiality, kindness, and understanding are things we need at many points in life, and I love coming alongside people as they are working through challenging seasons in life. My life experiences includes depression, marital trauma, abuse, addiction, codependency, and attachment issues; I am a work in progress!

I am redesigning life as I go.